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Tubes from Sophia Electric

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Vacuum Tubes from Sophia Electric


The US manufacturer has many years of experience in designing and producing premium-quality vacuum tubes for reputable manufacturers such as RCA, Western Electric and Siemens.

Since 2001 Sophia Electric develops and assembles tubes of supreme manufacturing quality and musicality under its own brand. You will instantly notice that tubes made by Sophia Electric are heavier than the competitive products.

This is due to the extremely solid construction made evident by the very thick glass of the bulb and a sturdy metal structure. The ceramic socket also being very massive, it enhances the high quality image of a solid product.

Thus vibrations caused by footfall sound or other external influences do not have any impact on the sound quality of the tubes. Nothing will disturb the high-class tonal rendition of your music.

Tubes made by Sophia Electric are musical luxuries. T

hey reveal tiny and subtle details of the music, they open stage and scene and portray even complex musical passages with highest precision and three-dimensional dynamics. Let yourself be carried away to a unique universe of sounds.

These fascinating objects will acoustically enchant and bewitch you and will enhance your amplifier’s value. The soft orange and bluish glow of the tubes will give your listening room a magical ambience.

We are looking forward to your inquiries. Experience the charms of these really particular tubes and feel free to come back to us for further information by e-mail or phone, we’ll be glad to assist you at any time.

With passionate musical regards
VenusodiO .



Products and Prices (Euros) incl. V.A.T. (19%)

Tubes Price
Royal Princess 300B - Pair 1680,00
New Classic 300B - Pair 1350,00
Carbon Princess 300B - Pair 860,00
S.E.T. Princess 300B Mesh Plate - Pair 660,00
Carbon Princess 300B 2,5V for 2A3 Amplifier - Pair 850,00
S.E.T. Princess 300B 2,5V for 2A3 Amplifier - Pair 660,00
Princess 2A3 Mesh Plate - Pair 660,00
KT88 / EL34 - Pair 400,00
Aqua 274B - Single 270,00
Mesh Princess 274B - Single 300,00
6SN7 - Single 180,00
6SL7 - Single 180,00
12 AX7 - Single 180,00
12 AU7 - Single 180,00